You are a collector or simply appreciate dignified quality and need to have your valuable art nouveau objects restored. Or you are a designer and want something new that looks the same. As mentioned elsewhere, upon arriving in Vienna, Daniel KAGE was fascinated by the artwork and ideas of Art Nouveau, which became famous throughout the world thanks to the Wiener Werkstätten.

"Art Nouveau is not only a style, but a philosophy." Art Nouveau represents the pursuit of beauty and harmony in all areas of life, and this is reflected in the artworks and objects of this era.

KAGE also lives the philosophy of Art Nouveau in its creations, embodying the desire for beauty and harmony in all areas of life, from architecture to furniture to decorative design and objects. The restoration and creation of Art Nouveau objects is not only a concern for KAGE but also an opportunity to capture or revive this unique heritage, the essence of this remarkable era.

Restoration Services

The goal in restoring Art Nouveau objects, in addition to restoring function, is to preserve and revive the timeless grace of this era by using the best materials and techniques. KAGE's training in Japanese master workshops and its considerable experience is also evident in restoring your Art Nouveau treasures to their original beauty and elegance.  Whether it is a delicate vase, a dazzling lamp, or an ornate piece of furniture, no matter the size and whether made of metal or glass, his work reflects his passion for the aesthetic qualities and symbolism underlying Art Nouveau.

Commission Services

Do you want a new work of art that captures for you the style of the Wiener Werkstätten that made Art Nouveau famous around the world? KAGE's attention to detail and sense of quality ensure that every piece he creates is a masterpiece in its own right. From metalwork to furniture, KAGE's expertise and creativity are reflected in each of his custom pieces. Thanks to his ability to capture the essence of Art Nouveau, KAGE is able to create unique pieces that reflect the beauty and elegance of this fascinating era.

Contact Daniel KAGE here to discuss your project, your ideas, or to make an appointment with him to appraise your piece to be restored.

The Seed of Life

This lamp is a tribute to Art Nouveau, to the "Wiener Werkstätten". My inspiration for "The Seed of Life" are the geometric shapes and aesthetics of Viennese Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkstätten. The piece is made for you by me personally according to the centuries-old art of metalworking that I had the privilege to learn from my master in Japan, signed by hand and with your initials.

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