You are looking for a unique object for your private living area, the entrance to your office, your company headquarters - for the square in front of your headquarters, in front of the town hall, the school, the newly designed pedestrian zone. Or you want to set special accents in the building you have designed, for example in the lighting fixtures or the entrance area. The material should be unique, a combination of art and craftsmanship at the highest level - combined with a spiritual level, which is an expression of the culture and roots to which we refer.

Think of an artist whose spirituality, whose relationship with the forms and objects of classical geometry and their roots in antiquity, keyword Platonic solids, combines with the mastery of a craft developed over centuries in Japan, unique in the world.

Daniel KAGE, who learned the art of traditional metalworking from two Japanese masters, who studied the basic forms of classical geometry and who, as a result of this, and because he now lives and works in Vienna, came into contact with and was inspired by the Wiener Werkstätten and the Jugendstil, which was admired worldwide at the time, also combines two cultural roots with his present: having grown up in Brazil as the child of a couple who immigrated from Japan, he now lives in Vienna.

His knowledge and skills in working with metal (welding, silver soldering and polishing) allow him to create unique, handcrafted works of art in steel, copper or brass for a wide range of ideas and spaces. From interior design and architecture to outdoor sculptures and public art installations, KAGE's outstanding technical skills make it a one-of-a-kind work of art.

His process of transformation through the art of craftsmanship includes hand grinding and polishing all types of structures, achieving finishes that range from mirroring, matting, hairlines, hammering, glass block blasting, patina and other custom finishes.

Daniel KAGE is based in Vienna and has international experience, making him the perfect partner for clients looking to commission custom metal artwork.

Contact KAGE today to discuss how he can be involved in your project and how you can utilize his exceptional technical skills, dedication and ideas for your project.

Cosmic Dance

As an artist, I was thrilled to collaborate with a client who shared my passion for exploring the intersection of art, spirituality, and mathematics. The client, who wanted to reconnect to his Indian roots, commissioned me to create a piece that would reflect his heritage and beliefs.

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