Daniel KAGE offers a wide range of services for collaboration with other artists or operators of projects. A highly skilled metallurgical artist, he has mastered advanced metalworking techniques based on a centuries-old Japanese craft. Having spent years with his two master craftsmen from whom he learned these techniques, he has a broad expertise in working metal through welding, silver soldering, polishing and grinding until it becomes unique works of art. The finish in machining creates surfaces and textures of unexpected elegance and beauty.

KAGE is passionate about working with fellow artists, developing new solutions with them, advising them on the use of metals and design. Large sculptures raise many technical issues, from weight to transportation to safe installation, with his experience in such projects KAGE is the ideal partner.

Daniel KAGE is based in Vienna and has international experience including Japan, Brazil and Austria. He graduated from the BFI Institute as a metalworking technician and holds certificates for TIG welding, arc welding, MAG welding and training modules for oxyacetylene welding and completed his training in two Japanese master workshops about 30 years ago.

The finishing touch

It is thanks to his craftsmanship in TIG welding and silver soldering that the stainless steel and brass workpieces he creates, whether for interior design of spaces, public spaces or for furniture, sculptures, design accessories, lamps or other objects and items, become distinctive works of art.

He believes in combining modern technology with traditional techniques to keep the art of craftsmanship alive. The process of transformation through this art of craftsmanship includes, after welding and soldering, grinding and polishing all kinds of textures by hand, mastering high gloss, matte, hairline, hammered, glass blasted, patinated and other surface treatments to perfection. Polishing is the final and therefore most important step in the metal fabrication process. The sharp corners and edges, the even and straight surface, and the clean lines of the design must be achieved by hand grinding and polishing, the elegance structure achieved exceeds all expectations.

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The Seed of Life

This lamp is a tribute to Art Nouveau, to the "Wiener Werkstätten". My inspiration for "The Seed of Life" are the geometric shapes and aesthetics of Viennese Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkstätten. The piece is made for you by me personally according to the centuries-old art of metalworking that I had the privilege to learn from my master in Japan, signed by hand and with your initials.

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