KAGE is a highly skilled metal craftsman who has been perfecting the art of TIG welding since 1996. He has honed his expertise in TIG welding through his international experiences in Japan, Brazil and Austria. TIG welding, also known as gas tungsten arc welding, is a welding process that uses a non-melting tungsten electrode to produce the weld. TIG welding is known for its precision and clean welds, making it a popular choice for high-quality welding jobs.

KAGE graduated from BFI in Austria as a metalworking technician, where he acquired practical knowledge and skills in metalworking. He also earned certificates in TIG welding, arc welding, MAG welding and training modules in oxyacetylene welding, allowing him to work with a variety of materials and welding processes in Austria.

KAGE's passion for metalworking brought him to the attention of WOKA LAMPS VIENNA, one of Austria's most prestigious art galleries. For more than three years he managed their workshop, perfecting silver soldering, a traditional metalworking technique that involves joining two pieces of metal with a silver alloy. This technique is known for its strength, durability and beauty, making it a popular choice for decorative metal art.

A master of TIG welding and silver soldering, KAGE is able to create exceptional works of metal art that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His approach to metalworking combines traditional techniques with modern technology, ensuring that he creates unique and high-quality handcrafted pieces.

In TIG welding, KAGE's precision and attention to detail allows him to create clean and precise welds that result in strong and durable metal joints. His expertise in this technique has made him a preferred craftsman for high-quality welding work.
In silver brazing, KAGE's dedication to his craft and attention to detail is evident in the strength, durability and beauty of the finished product. KAGE's entry into the world of brass has broadened his horizons in metalworking and continues to add value to his customers' projects.

Daniel KAGE is an experienced metallurgical artist who has been working with stainless steel and brass sculptures and artifacts since 1996. He specializes in finishing metal artwork to the highest quality, including TIG welding, silver soldering, polishing and grinding. His mastery of advanced metal techniques ensures that the final finish on the piece is of the highest quality.

Polishing is the final step in the metal fabrication process, making it the most important. The sharp corners and edges, the even and straight surface, and the clean lines of the design are achieved through manual grinding and polishing. The art of grinding involves hand-grinding and polishing all types of textures, achieving finishes such as high polish, matte, hairline, hammered, glassstone blast, patina and more, giving each piece a unique beauty.

KAGE's process of transmutation through the art of craft means combining modern technology with traditional techniques to keep the art of craft alive.

In addition to its own work and collaborations with individual artists, KAGE also works with policymakers, developers, and architects to enhance public spaces and promote tourism. Investing in public art installations can contribute to the local economy, attract tourists and promote community identity, as well as enhance the sense of well-being that a space conveys.

Stainless steel is a modern material that has captured the imagination of many artists and designers. Its strength, durability and corrosion resistance make it an ideal medium for creating unique and lasting works of art. Contemporary steel, as it is called, is coming to life in the hands of skilled artisans like Daniel KAGE, who has developed unique skills to create stunning works of art.

KAGE is a metallurgical artist with nearly 30 years of experience creating sculptures and artistic objects in stainless steel and brass. He has honed his craft through years of experimentation, learning new techniques and developing his skills in TIG welding, silver soldering, polishing and grinding. He is passionate about working with other artists and offers a wealth of services including technical support, innovative solutions, consulting and collaborations to help realize artistic visions and bring his expertise to bear.

Stainless steel is more than just a material; it is a canvas for creativity, a medium to express ideas and emotions, and a symbol of strength and endurance. In the hands of skilled artisans like Daniel KAGE, stainless steel comes to life and becomes a material that is not only practical, but also beautiful and inspiring.

Brass, often referred to as the "golden metal", has been a favorite of artists and craftsmen for centuries due to its rich hue and malleability. This alloy of copper and zinc offers a unique blend of durability and workability. Its warm, gold-like appearance gives artworks a vintage charm, while its anti-corrosive properties ensure longevity. KAGE's exploration of brass showcases his ability to work with diverse materials, producing pieces that resonate with elegance and timelessness.

Close-up of the two massive copper snakes encircling the brass dodecahedron in KAGE's "Cosmic Dance".

Copper, one of the earliest metals used by humans, is known for its reddish-brown hue and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Renowned for its malleability and ductility, copper can be formed into intricate designs, making it a favorite among artists and craftsmen. Its natural patina, which develops over time, adds character and depth to artworks. In KAGE's hands, copper becomes a testament to the timelessness and versatility of this ancient metal.

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The Seed of Life

This lamp is a tribute to Art Nouveau, to the "Wiener Werkst├Ątten". My inspiration for "The Seed of Life" are the geometric shapes and aesthetics of Viennese Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkst├Ątten. The piece is made for you by me personally according to the centuries-old art of metalworking that I had the privilege to learn from my master in Japan, signed by hand and with your initials.

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