Daniel Kage unites two worlds. Not only personally but also as an artist. He was born and raised in Brazil, his parents having emigrated to Brazil from Japan. His father sent him back to Japan to learn a centuries-old craft of metalworking from a master. One master became two, and Daniel brought his art to Vienna, where he was introduced to Art Nouveau and the work of the Wiener Werkstätten. The credo at that time was that art did not belong in a museum but in every household.

With this idea and the works of art of this era, which are still admired all over the world, he found an inspiration where he could apply the art of metalworking he had learned in Japan. Paying homage to the Wiener Werkstätten, he created new works of art that stand before us just as timeless, elegant and useful. His focus is on lamps, chandeliers and lighting fixtures. With this he reaches not only private customers who, true to the motto of Art Nouveau, want to have art in use at home, but also clients from the field of architecture or clients who are looking for something truly unique for the design of spaces, even public ones.

Daniel KAGE's artworks usually refer to the five Platonic solids, whose elegance and harmony have inspired people since antiquity and whose form can also be seen as the building blocks of nature, if we consider, for example, the structure of plants.

KAGE's works of art are basically always made by him personally, every step of the work, every move bears his handwriting - no two works are alike. His catalog (link to it) presents lamps and light objects designed by him and made to order for you. He also enjoys projects where he develops and manufactures objects together with the customer (such as the chandelier "Cosmic Dance"). Sometimes, if both agree, this work of art serves as a template for other customers.

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