Platonic Solid: Fire

Fire lamp is a radiant and powerful work of art designed to capture the essence of the element of fire. It is an expression of the dynamic energy and transformative power that fire embodies. This lamp has the shape of a four-sided pyramid, one of the five forms of the Platonic solids, and is a symbol of the convergence and concentration of heat and light.

platonic solid

brass, stainless steel, grinding and polishing, TIG welding, lamp, repeatable, sacred geometry

Lamp, MetalWork, TIG-welding, SilverSoldering


As a metal fabricator, I am intimately familiar with the properties of fire. I understand the tremendous heat and energy required to melt and shape metal into the desired form, and I am constantly inspired by the transformative power of this element. Through my art, I seek to capture the essence of fire and invite the viewer to a deeper understanding of its beauty and power. The Fire lamp is a testament to the boundless energy and potential of fire, and a reminder that even the smallest spark can spark great change.


Size Materials Techniques Additional

20cm or 30cm height.

Stainless steel or brass

Laser cutting.

Matte or hand mirror polishing finishing.

Silver soldering (brass variant).

TIG welding (stainless steel variant).

Comes with a signature and certificate of authenticity.


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