The Sun

The harmonious fusion of sacred geometry and organic design comes to life in "The Sun", a stunning brass sculpture that mesmerizes with its intricate patterns and perfect symmetry.

platonic solid

brass, grinding and polishing, lamp, repeatable, sculpture, special edition, sacred geometry

Lamp, MetalWork, TIG-welding, SilverSoldering


"The Sun" is a masterpiece of modern art, inspired by the beauty of the dodecahedron and the intricate patterns found in flowers. Each of the sculpture's twelve faces features rounded cuttings that resemble the petals of a flower, drawing the viewer in and creating a sense of wonder and awe. Crafted from 1.5mm thick brass material, this sculpture is a testament to KAGE's skill and mastery of metalworking techniques. The TIG welding technique used in its creation ensures a seamless finish that highlights the intricate details of the design, while the natural matt finishing adds to its organic feel.

"The Sun" radiates with a unique warmth, emanating from the core of its exquisite form. This timeless piece is more than just a sculpture, it is an embodiment of the celestial essence that resides within us all. Inspired by the beauty of the dodecahedron, "The Sun" showcases the harmonious fusion of sacred geometry and organic design. The intricate cuttings adorning each of its twelve faces create an optical illusion that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Each pentagonal shape flows seamlessly into the next, drawing the eye towards the central point where the smallest pentagon resides, now an exquisite rendering of the radiant flower that symbolizes the very essence of "The Sun".

Crafted from brass, this stunning piece measures 25 centimeters in diameter, expertly rendered with a natural matt finishing that imbues it with a sense of grounded authenticity. The skilled hands of a master artisan have expertly welded this piece together using the TIG welding technique, resulting in a seamless and polished finish that exudes refinement and sophistication. This exquisite masterpiece is available in different finishes, including stainless steel, allowing for a customized expression of its breathtaking beauty.

"The Sun" is not just an art piece, but a symbol of the harmony between nature and mathematics. It is a celebration of the beauty that can be found in the intersection of seemingly disparate concepts, and a testament to the power of art to inspire and delight. Whether displayed in a private collection or a public space, "The Sun" is a statement piece that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who see it.


Size Materials Techniques Additional

25cm diameter.

1.5mm thick brass

Laser cutting.

Matte or hand mirror polishing finishing.

Silver soldering.

Comes with a signature and certificate of authenticity.


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