Whether you are looking for special accents on the exterior, such as the facade, or on the interior design, KAGE is an interesting partner in the search for a perfect implementation with metal objects and accessories made by hand.

Take advantage of Daniel KAGE's expertise for the design of your project. If you are considering using metal objects for exterior design elements or interior objects, such as applique lamps or ornate chandeliers, KAGE will be a crucial partner for implementation and/or design ideas. Metal objects, made, that is, from welding and soldering to grinding and polishing, using new techniques, based on a centuries-old craftsmanship that KAGE learned from Japanese masters, give their order a special touch, something unique - art in everyday life, according to the credo of Wiener Werkstätten. He believes in combining modern technology with traditional techniques to keep the art of traditional crafts alive. His artistic style is strongly influenced by the rules of geometry, he builds powerful geometric shapes into his artworks, whose harmony and elegance have inspired since ancient times.

Platonic Solids Collection (set of 5 Lamps)

15% discount for the collection: "Platonic Solids" a hommage to Pythagoras and his association of the regular solids to the four classical elements (earth, air, water, and fire) and the fifth element of the heavens, the ether.

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