Public space and its design are often at the center of a broad discussion. Builders, clients and architects operate here in a field of tension between their own ideas, political guidelines, legal framework conditions and ultimately also the feedback of the people who are confronted with it. Art in public spaces contributes a great deal to the mood, to the atmosphere, and can also become a sought-after hotspot, an attraction, also for tourists. A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania confirms that cities with a higher proportion of public art can register higher economic growth and more tourism; in Vienna, too, thousands of tourists visit the initially controversial Hrdlicka Memorial at the Albertina every day, for example.

Metal objects, in the creation of which Daniel KAGE was involved, are, along with stone sculptures, among the preferred design elements; the effects of the weather, together with the effect of the place of installation, make for the special quality here. There are no limits to the imagination, KAGEs intensive occupation with the five basic forms of geometry, the platonic bodies and the harmony, elegance and beauty expressed with them is reflected especially in the public space, since these structures can be found almost everywhere in nature.

Let Daniel KAGE show you examples, invite him to participate in an idea competition or involve him in an existing concept to incorporate his exceptional expertise and experience in working with metal, even on large objects, some weighing tons. Apart from working the metal, his solid training in Japanese master workshops makes up a large part of his expertise here, taking into account factors such as size, weight and quantity of material with transportation, safe installation and production planning.

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The Seed of Life

This lamp is a tribute to Art Nouveau, to the "Wiener Werkstätten". My inspiration for "The Seed of Life" are the geometric shapes and aesthetics of Viennese Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkstätten. The piece is made for you by me personally according to the centuries-old art of metalworking that I had the privilege to learn from my master in Japan, signed by hand and with your initials.

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