Platonic Solid: Air

The Air solid, inspired by the octahedron, embodies the duality of the element of air - both light and weightless, yet also powerful and capable of creating change. With its eight triangular faces, this solid reflects the endless possibilities and complex interrelationships of the air element.

platonic solid

brass, stainless steel, lamp, repeatable, sacred geometry

Lamp, MetalWork, TIG-welding, SilverSoldering


As an artist who works with metal, I find myself drawn to the octahedron shape, which is formed from two pyramids that are mirrored and interconnected. This is a reminder of the delicate balance between opposing forces that is present in all aspects of life, including the elements. In creating this piece, I sought to capture the essence of the air element - its boundless potential, its dynamism, and its transformative power.

The Air solid represents the fleeting and intangible qualities of air, such as thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. As we gaze upon this piece, we are invited to reflect upon the power of the unseen and the infinite possibilities that exist within us and around us. The Air solid is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the air element, and a reminder of its ever-present role in our lives


Size Materials Techniques Additional

20cm height.

1,5 mm stainless steel or brass.

Laser cutting.

Matte or hand mirror polishing finishing.

Silver soldering (brass variant).

TIG welding (stainless steel variant).

Comes with a signature and certificate of authenticity.


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