Twin Souls: Stella & Flor de Cerrado (unique)

There are few things in this world more breathtaking than the sight of nature's beauty. It is a source of endless inspiration, something that captures the soul and sparks the imagination. And in the world of art, few things capture that beauty quite like the Twin Souls: Stella & Flor de Cerrado. These stainless steel sculptures are more than just works of art, they are a testament to the bond between twin souls and the power of the natural world.



stainless steel, grinding and polishing, TIG welding, lamp, platonic solid, sculpture, special edition, unique, sacred geometry

KAGE-Masterpiece, MetalWork, TIG-welding, SilverSoldering, Lamp


"A tribute to Stella… my guiding star. The crown chakra… the heaven… arranging the constellations with pentagramic stars… the divine creation emanating the light from all sides in perfect proportions… I feel honored and eternally grateful for finding my twin soul."

These words capture the essence of Stella, a sculpture that represents the dodecahedron-Ether and the divine creation of the universe. Its pentagramic stars arranged in perfect proportions symbolize the constellations in the sky, while the sculpture emanates light from all sides, acting as a guiding star that leads us through life.

Flor de Cerrado, on the other hand, is inspired by the natural beauty of Brazil, particularly the waterfalls, crystals, and flowers that bloom in the region of Alto Paraíso de Goias.

In KAGE's own words, "The water from the waterfalls… the crystals, the nature… flowers blossoming, radiating pure love… in a paradise called Alto Paraíso de Goias… Brazil. My roots… a special place on Earth…"

The icosahedron-Water shape of the sculpture represents the essential nature of water in life and growth. Its petals are curved and bent towards the outside, giving it the appearance of a blooming flower, and the polished lines on the petals add to its beauty and complexity.

Together, the Twin Souls: Stella & Flor de Cerrado represent the perfect fusion of nature and art, a testament to the power of twin souls and the importance of embracing the beauty of the world around us. As KAGE notes, "Each platonic solid has its own dual. Both dodecahedron and icosahedron are perfectly aligned… connected." These sculptures are not just beautiful, they are a symbol of the deep bond between two individuals who are destined to be together, united by the power of love and the beauty of the world. Whether displayed together or separately, they are sure to inspire and captivate all who lay their eyes upon them.


Size Materials Techniques Additional

25cm diameter.

Stainless steel.

Laser cutting.

Hand mirror polishing finishing.

TIG welding.

One-of-a-kind sculpture.

Made in 2019.


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