The Sri Yantra

In every detail, a promise of abundance. In its presence, an invitation to success.


brass, commissioned art, grinding and polishing, TIG welding, lamp, repeatable, sculpture, special edition, sacred geometry

KAGE-Masterpiece, MetalWork, TIG-welding, SilverSoldering, Lamp


The Sri Yantra, revered as one of the most auspicious, important, and powerful symbols, is a cosmic diagram that resonates with ancient energy. Its Sanskrit name translates to the "instrument of wealth", embodying a promise of both material and spiritual prosperity.

KAGE's rendition of this age-old symbol is not just a visual masterpiece but an embodiment of its profound philosophy. Every contour and plane resonates with a promise — that by integrating this magnificent piece into your space, you're not just enhancing its aesthetics but inviting universal affluence and spiritual elevation. This sculpture is more than just art; it's a beacon, a daily affirmation, and a tangible testament to the world's abundant blessings and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

For the discerning individual, possessing the Sri Yantra by KAGE is a statement of alignment with cosmic forces, guiding one towards a life of success, harmony, and unparalleled prosperity.

This is a commissioned piece done in 2023, that now KAGE is allowed to reproduce if desired. Following is a list of variants in existance:
Brass (high gloss finishing): 1
Brass (matte finishing): 0
Stainless Steel (high gloss finishing): 0
Stainless Steel (matte gloss finishing): 0

Due to the complexity of this piece, after the order is placed, KAGE needs around 4-5 months to finish and deliver it.


Size Materials Techniques Additional

45 x 45 x 45cm

2mm thick stainless steel or brass.

Lepidolite crystal

Laser cutting.

Matte or hand mirror polishing finishing.

Silver soldering (brass variant).

TIG welding (stainless steel variant).

A commissioned repeatable piece.

made in 2023.