The Visionary Art of KAGE

Delve into the ethereal world of KAGE's visionary art, presented over many years in collaboration with the Vienna Visionary Art Academy.

Visionary Art Academy

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For years, the Vienna Visionary Art Academy has been a beacon of creativity and self-expression, offering artists of all backgrounds a platform to showcase their visionary works to the world. It is a place of spiritual exploration, where the boundaries between the physical and non-physical dissolve, and where art and philosophy converge. It is in this inspiring setting that KAGE, a master of Sacred Geometry and metalworking, has exhibited his visionary art, sharing his profound understanding of the universe and the human experience.

Together with the Academy, KAGE has presented his works in numerous exhibitions, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in his stunning creations. His works speak to the soul, exploring the intricate web that connects us to the universe and to each other. They inspire us to look beyond the mundane and connect with the divine, reminding us of the beauty and mystery of life.

At the Vienna Visionary Art Academy, KAGE's visionary art finds a fitting home, where the Academy's own philosophy of exploring the realms of consciousness and the spiritual dimension perfectly complements KAGE's own artistic vision. The Academy believes in the transformative power of art, and KAGE's works are a testament to this philosophy.

Through their ongoing collaboration, KAGE and the Vienna Visionary Art Academy have created a space of creativity, spirituality, and self-expression, where artists and visitors alike can be inspired by the power of visionary art.


Visionary Art Academy

Döblergasse 2-4, 1070 Vienna, Austria

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, located in the heart of Vienna's 7th district, is housed in the historic Otto Wagner building. This cultural space spans two floors and is known for its revival of classical painting techniques and the exploration of visionary art. The academy enriches Vienna's vibrant art scene, offering courses and hosting cultural activities in a space celebrated for its architectural and historical significance.