Design House & Gift contest

First price at the XI Design House & Gift contest in the category interior design with the bath sink „Asahi“

Design House & Gift Contest

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The XI Design House & Gift contest, a prestigious event celebrating innovation in design and artistry, found its shining star in KAGE's "Asahi" bath sink, which clinched the first prize in the interior design category. This event, held in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil, brought together the most creative and forward-thinking designers from across the nation.

The "Asahi" bath sink, a product of KAGE's exceptional vision and craftsmanship, stands as a testament to the potential of blending functional design with artistic integrity. Its sleek contours and the luminescence of polished metal embody the morning sun's rays reflected in water, offering not just a utilitarian piece but a daily ritual's centerpiece.

This accolade at the Design House & Gift contest marks a significant milestone in KAGE's career, highlighting his ability to transcend the traditional boundaries of art and enter the realm of practical design without compromising on aesthetic value. The recognition of "Asahi" elevates KAGE's status not only as an artist but also as a designer who understands the nuanced demands of contemporary living spaces.


Design House & Gift Contest

, São Paulo, Brazil

The Design House & Gift Contest in São Paulo is a hub for cutting-edge design and innovation. This annual event garners participation from a host of talented designers, offering them a platform to showcase their creations in various categories. The contest is a highlight in Brazil's design calendar and attracts a discerning audience from across the globe.