Metamorphosis: A KAGE Exhibition

Experience the transformative power of KAGE's art at Kreativatelier Hahngasse

Kreativatelier Hahngasse

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Step into the world of KAGE and witness the beauty and complexity of his metalwork at the Metamorphosis exhibition held at Kreativatelier Hahngasse. Through his unique blend of Sacred Geometry and organic forms, KAGE explores the fundamental relationship between humanity and nature. Each piece is a reflection of his deep understanding of the natural world and the transformational power of art.

The exhibition showcased a range of KAGE's works, including his signature geometric sculptures, intricate wall art pieces, and functional design objects. Visitors were able to appreciate the intricate details and mastery of metalworking techniques that are hallmarks of KAGE's unique style.

Kreativatelier Hahngasse, a creative hub in Vienna, provided the perfect backdrop for the exhibition. The studio's minimalist design and natural lighting highlighted the intricate details of KAGE's work, creating a tranquil and immersive atmosphere.

Kreativatelier Hahngasse is more than just a studio space; it is a community of creatives dedicated to providing a supportive environment for artists and makers to grow and thrive. They offer a range of workshops and events designed to foster creativity and collaboration. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, Kreativatelier Hahngasse is a beacon of hope for those who believe that art can change the world.


Kreativatelier Hahngasse

Hahngasse 22, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Kreativatelier Hahngasse is a vibrant and welcoming creative space in the heart of Vienna's 9th district. With a focus on promoting emerging artists and fostering a supportive artistic community, Kreativatelier Hahngasse is a hub for innovation and creativity. The gallery offers a range of services to both artists and collectors, including studio rentals, exhibition space, and networking events.