The Alchemy of Metal: The Art of Daniel KAGE

The Naïa Museum in France's Brittany region is proud to present an exhibition dedicated to the work of Daniel KAGE.

Naïa Museum

gallery, brass, stainless steel, grinding and polishing, TIG welding, lamp, platonic solid, art-noveau, sacred geometry


As an artist who explores the intersection of form, material, and meaning, KAGE's sculptures are a perfect fit for the museum's mission to showcase the intersection of art and philosophy.

KAGE's works, including his latest collection of lamps inspired by the Platonic solids, are stunning examples of the artist's skill in working with metal, but also demonstrate a deep understanding of the philosophical concepts represented by the elements. This exhibition showcases the range of KAGE's artistic ability, from the fiery passion of the pyramid-shaped lamp to the fluidity of the water-inspired design.

As an artist who values the relationship between the viewer and the artwork, KAGE's pieces invite contemplation and reflection. The Naïa Museum is honored to have the opportunity to showcase KAGE's work, and to provide a space for visitors to engage with the thought-provoking pieces in a meaningful way. We believe that KAGE's work is a valuable addition to our museum, and we hope that visitors will leave with a deeper appreciation for the connection between art and philosophy.


Naïa Museum

Parc du Château, 14 Rue du Château, 56220 Rochefort-en-Terre, Bretagne, France

The Naia Museum is a contemporary art museum located in the heart of the charming village of Rochefort-en-Terre in Bretagne, France. The museum showcases a diverse range of contemporary art and hosts regular exhibitions by renowned artists from around the world.