Transcending Boundaries: A KAGE Exhibition at WOKA Lamps Vienna

WOKA Lamps Vienna is proud to have hosted an exhibition featuring the stunning works of artist and metalworker, Daniel KAGE.

WOKA Lamps Vienna

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Known for his intricate and thought-provoking lamps, KAGE's pieces are a beautiful reflection of his skill in working with metal and his deep understanding of the interplay between form, material, and meaning.

In this exhibition, KAGE's lamps were displayed alongside the elegant and classic designs of WOKA, creating a dynamic and inspiring juxtaposition between traditional and contemporary lighting. Visitors were invited to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere created by KAGE's thought-provoking lamps, which ranged from the fiery passion of the pyramid-shaped lamp to the fluidity of the water-inspired design.

As a former employee of WOKA, KAGE's experience with the Vienna workshop's Jugendstil-style lamps was evident in his work. The exhibition showcased a range of KAGE's artistic ability, from the delicate beauty of his Jugendstil-inspired designs to the striking and bold shapes of his Platonic solid lamps.

WOKA Lamps Vienna was thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase KAGE's work, and to provide a space for visitors to engage with his pieces in a meaningful way. We believe that KAGE's work is a valuable addition to our ongoing mission of promoting the beauty and artistry of traditional and contemporary lighting, and we look forward to future collaborations with this talented artist.


WOKA Lamps Vienna

Palais Breuner, Singerstr. 16, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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